German Club Fundraisers

Looking for an epic way to support your local German club? How about attending the original Oktoberfest in Munich?

Each Fall, we host German Clubs at Oktoberfest clubs from all over the globe, providing an authentic German experience during their time in Munich.

As more and more German clubs have joined us in the tents of Oktoberfest, we decided to construct a unique way to give back to our travelers and the local organizations that mean so much to them.

Arrangements in Munich include:

  • Hotel arrangements by the Oktoberfest grounds (Includes breakfast)
  • Tent reservations at Oktoberfest
  • Tour of the Neuschwanstein Castle
  • Local tours
  • On-Site guides to oversee each activity
With a portion of each booking going back to your personal German club, a trip to Oktoberfest is a unique and rewarding way to experience your heritage. We have been organizing trips to Munich since 2006 and are experts at creating a friendly program for groups.

Interested in putting together an Oktoberfest trip for your German Club? Let us plan an unforgettable experience in Munich.

Contact our event manager Toby ( to start the planning, or call directly at 512-377-1694.

“Thank you and your staff for helping to make our group’s trip to Oktoberfest such a wonderful experience.  From the moment we were picked up at the airport until our departure from Munich, our tour was everything we had hoped for. We appreciated the quality and attention to detail that was dedicated to our guests itinerary.  Thanks to all of you, we didn’t have to deal with any stress over our transportation and reservations, so that we were able to just relax and enjoy our time in Munich. We will not hesitate to recommend Bucket List Events to any travelers looking to enjoy a “once in a lifetime” adventure."

Questions about Oktoberfest?
Let us help!

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