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Munich Hotels during Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest Hotels – Common sense will tell you that it probably isn’t the brightest of ideas to have potential obstacles in your way as you try to make it back to your hotel room after the beer tents. Trust us, the Munich subway system, while efficient and easy to navigate by day, is a bit more difficult after a few beers.

With that in mind, we reserve rooms at hotels that are located within walking distance of the Oktoberfest grounds. Read about some of our options below:

The Tryp is located just two blocks from the Oktoberfest Grounds
The hotel bar is quite the scene before and after Oktoberfest
Standard room at the Tryp
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Hotel Munich City Center – 4 Star Option


Located in the heart of the city and within walking distance to the Oktoberfest grounds, the hotel formerly known at the TRYP is a wonderful combination of accessibility and modern comfort. The contemporary rooms, internet access and attached beer garden will enhance your Oktoberfest experience. You can always count on the lobby bar to be hoppin each evening after the Oktoberfest grounds close!

Located a mere two blocks from the Oktoberfest Grounds, you are in one of the best locations in Munich for the festival.

Hotel Kraft – 3 Star Option

This Bavarian gem features well-maintained rooms and a gracious staff that guests feel right at home. Family owned since the day it first opened, the Hotel Kraft is located in the heart of the Alstadt, within walking distance to many sights and dining options. Guests who want to see what central Munich has to offer will be delighted with this choice, as the hotel has garnered a 4 star experience on prominent travel site TripAdvisor. When you are at the Kraft, you feel like you are in Bavaria with its authentic and traditional decor.

The Kraft is perfect walking distance from the Oktoberfest Grounds (at the Theresenweise U-Bahn Entrance) and they are also a 5-min. walk to the Haupbahnhof Main Train Station. The above ground tram is also around the corner.

View TripAdvisor Reviews.

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 What’s the difference between the 3-star and 4-star hotels?

Simply put, one is more modern and the other is more authentic. Both are within walking distance of the Oktoberfest Grounds.

  • The Hotel Kraft is located next to a university and is usually a very peaceful neighborhood, even during the festival. The Hotel Munich City Center is right next to the Oktoberfest grounds and is right in the middle of the festival foot traffic, so the surroundings will be more lively at the Munich City Center .
  • On that topic, the two hotels have their strengths in terms of location. The Hotel Munich City Center is just two blocks from the Oktoberfest grounds, the the Kraft is only five blocks away from the grounds. The Kraft is closer to the Marianplatz and the city’s best shopping. Both are 500m from the Haupbahnhof Main Train Station.
  • The lobby at the Hotel Munich City Center is larger and has a bar, as well as an on-site gym. The Kraft does not have a bar, but you can buy beer and drinks through the front desk.
  • Both properties have wi-fi and a large breakfast spread. Both properties have parking availability.
  • If you are interested in ultimate luxury, 5-star hotels are also available for booking. To inquire about 5-star hotel options, contact our staff.

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