Tent Reservations

Of course, many people who book a tour with us end up doing so because we’re able to provide guaranteed beer tent reservations. What does this mean? Not only do we provide the goods, we provide a group of people for you to party with at the world’s biggest party! The most fun part of Oktoberfest is sharing the experience with others. Why else are you going to travel halfway across the world…to drink by yourself?

Every year, it’s a long process for us to book beer tent reservations, and you don’t always get exactly what you want. Every tent has its own system for booking reservations, not to mention they each start the process at different times of the year. You always have to make reservations in groups of 8-10 people, and most of the reservations go to locals who have held tables at the Wies’n for several generations.

We provide at least one beer tent reservation for all clients. Many people don’t realize it, but you can attend Oktoberfest without a reservations as the festival is held in a large fairgrounds open to the public. However, tents fill up incredibly quickly and the luxury of having a reservation actually gets you a table at the tent and makes the Oktoberfest experience complete.

Is there a best tent?


Many people hear about one tent or another, and tend to get tunnel vision in trying to locate a tent reservation. Truthfully there is no best tent. All of the tents have a unique aspect about them but none of them are any better than the others. Locals prefer the less known tents while college kids like the Hofbräu. No matter what tent you are in your going to have the time of your life. Just don’t drink too much and take some pictures so you remember it!

How do you apply for beer tent reservations?


You can reach out to the tents directly and make requests. A reservation typically requires a commitment to a full table of 10 people, and any extra spots are forbidden from being resold.

All of our packages include guaranteed beer tent reservations. Read more about them HERE.

Oktoberfest Beer Tent - Schottenhamel

Can we buy just beer tent reservations from you?



If you are seeking to use our service for just beer tent reservations, we will not be able to assist. It is illegal to buy and sell individual tent spots, so be careful. Buying beer tent tickets online is usually breaking the law.

Can we choose our tent?


Since each day of Oktoberfest is different, we cannot guarantee a specific tent on a specific day at a specific time. We are more than happy to take down a preference, but there are not guarantees. 

Oktoberfest Beer Tent - Schottenhamel

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